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À la carte

The care

Try the experience of the traditional Hammam
Mask and massage with Savon noir
Exfoliating scrub with a Kessa glove, mask with Ghassoul and body and hair shampoo. 
1 hour - 25 euros

Pursue the relaxation with a complete massage
1 hour - 35 euros


The none touristic excursion 

(minimum 2 persons)

With our private guide, you'll live an unique and authentic experience.
Leave to the meeting of the magnificent landscapes of the Atlas and share the life of Berber.

You will visit a typical market.

During the trip, you will discover luxurious landscapes and will join a Berber village protected after a walking (a little bit sportive) from about forty minutes in a rocky path of the mountain. Village in which you will share a local meal at the inhabitant.

For your comfort, we strongly recommend you to plan good shoes and to take advantage at best of the mountain, also equip yourselves with a sweater.

The progress of this day will depend, at the same time, on the day of the week, because the market moves everyday and of the weather report.

For your good information, we insist on the fact that we work with a serious guide, very cultivated and fascinated by his job which can adapt itself to your needs and/or limitations.

Then do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request; we shall study, with him, all the possibilities to make of this day a unique experience.

Duration 1 day: 60 euros per person (meal inclusive)




To allow you to take advantage at best of your stay, we shall have the pleasure to offer you a detailed map of Marrakesh and we shall give you advice on good addresses (visits, restoring, etc.)


Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions and will mobilize to make of your stay an unforgettable moment.


The "home-made" meals

Traditional Welcome dinner 

Thanks to order during your reservation 

Starter + main course + dessert

18 euros


Today's menus - 2 formulae

To book during each breakfast

Main course + dessert

14 euros 

Starter + main course + dessert

20 euros



Our packs


Pack Mini MISKI 

70 euros per person


1 traditional dinner

1 hammam exfoliating scrub

1 complete massage



Pack Maxi MISKI 

130 euros per person 

(minimum 2 persons)


1 traditional dinner

1 hammam exfoliating scrub

1 complete massage

1 excursion with private guide